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Offering insulation services to Hamilton, ON, and the local area. Being close to the escarpment, we are very aware of what the weather requires of houses and businesses to best control in-door climate.

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Locally owned and operated. Call for a free estimate today! We pride ourselves in building relationships and delivering customer satisfaction through our attention and care for your insulation needs. Renovations can be stressful! We make sure to prioritize communication and providing 5-star customer results. Please call us to talk more about your project. Locally owned and operated in Hamilton, Ontario and serving the surrounding area.

Used for hard to reach places: Blown-in insulation is sprayed into gaps, attics, floor voids, and wall cavities to fill them.

No required adhesives or brackets, spray foam insulation is perfect for areas that you want to insulate and seal.

Attic Insulation is key to preserving heat in your home. We specialize in all types of attic insulation.

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation can be used to insulate a home quickly and is cost effective. Made of packed pieces of fiberglass or mineral wool insulation that has been precut and is ready to install.

Reduce noise between rooms and floors with effective soundproofing. We use stone wool insulation which has sound-absorbing and fire-resistant properties.

Insulation removal is key to starting a project correctly, or simply by eliminating damaged and/or contaminated insulation.

House Insulation

Regardless if it’s for your walls, basement, garaged, crawl space, loft, or whatever other area you need insulated, we offer options to help you properly insulate your home.

Roof Insulation

Great for regulating temperature and reducing energy consumption, leading to lower energy bills, improved indoor comfort, and reduced carbon emissions.

Mold is an issue that requires our professional assessment and removal to ensure all of the buildings inhabitants health issues are prioritized.

Why Choose Insulation Hamilton


We have many years of experience finishing residential and commercial projects in Hamilton, and the surrounding area. We’re quick to identify issues and provide solutions for all projects.


Knowing that the project you agreed to have completed is done correctly the first time brings the greatest sense of satisfaction. We take pleasure in our work and when a project is completed, we all feel a sense of fulfillment.


Budgets are something we understand and adhere to.  With our knowledge of what the market rates are in Hamilton, you will be supplied with a highly competitive quote for your project that fits within the project’s budget.

Our Recent Projects

Here is a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial projects we’ve accomplished for insulation in Hamilton. We take pride in each of our projects.

Blown-In Insulation
Garage Insulation
Fireproofing Spray
Insulated Attic
Basement Insulation
Insulated Basement

Insulation Hamilton Reviews

We are grateful for all of the unsolicited 5-star ratings we've received from previous clients. Our working connection with customers is at the heart of our business, and we strive to make each project enjoyable from start to finish. Projects come and go, but connections stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of attic insulation in Ontario?

How much you spend on attic insulation in Ontario will depend on specifics like the square footage of your attic, the price of insulation materials, and the cost of insulation installation. The price per square foot for attic insulation in Ontario typically ranges from $1.50 to $3. Remember that this estimate is just that, so for the most exact pricing information, contact us for a definitive assessment.

Where can I find reliable attic insulation contractors near me?

If you need to hire local attic insulation contractors you can trust, our reviews speak for themselves. Just go online and search for “attic insulation contractors near me” and you will find Insulation Hamilton as one of the most recommended. Using this method, you can find a list of our competitors who we’ve been successful at outperforming when providing attic insulation services.

How do I choose the right attic insulation specialist?

If you’re looking for an honest attic insulation specialist, go with Insulation Hamilton. Our expertise and dedication to excellence allow us to provide services that set new benchmarks in our field. Customers who have used our services have nothing but praise for the high quality and care they received from us. You can compare our prices and quality of service by getting various quotations. If you want the best attic insulation services, call Insulation Hamilton.

Is attic insulation available in Guelph, Hamilton, Cambridge, Brampton, and Oakville?

We offer attic insulation for Guelph, Hamilton, Cambridge, Brampton, and Oakville. In these regions, homeowners can choose from several insulation specialists and contractors. However, they often choose our services as we’re highly competitive. Our professionals can help with all aspects of attic insulation work, including installation, inspection, and removal. Type “attic insulation contractors” with the name of your city or town to see how our local business provides solutions to your area!

How can I locate attic insulation services near my location?

Finding a company that installs insulation in attics near you is simple. To start, do a quick web search with terms like “attic insulation near me.” You may use this search to get a list of businesses and professionals in Guelph, Hamilton, Cambridge, Brampton, and Oakville specializing in attic insulation. You can also ask around or look in internet directories and review sites to see what other customers have to say. Another choice is to get recommendations from people you know who have recently had attic insulation installed, such as friends, relatives, or neighbors. Using these strategies, you can quickly find reliable and skilled local insulation contractors.

Are there professional attic insulation installers available near me?

Yes, you’ve found us, and we can are the attic insulation installers in your area. Guelph, Hamilton, Cambridge, Brampton, and Oakville are just a few places in Ontario where we provide attic insulation installation. Our experts in attic insulation know how to get the job done well, so you can rest easy knowing your house will be as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. We’re the qualified attic insulation installers in your area who are familiar with what summer and winter challenges bring and the solutions for them.

What are the benefits of attic insulation in Ontario?

Ontario homes that install attic insulation reap numerous benefits. For starters, it helps to enhance energy efficiency by blocking heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, which means less money spent on heating and cooling. Furthermore, attic insulation improves house comfort by keeping the temperature stable year-round. It also aids in lowering the amount of outside noise that may be heard inside. And because it reduces heat loss, attic insulation helps the planet. Finally, good insulation can boost your home’s market price. These advantages are yours when you insulate your attic and make your home more pleasant and energy efficient.

Can you recommend a reliable attic insulation company?

Yes! We have one of the most reliable attic insulation companies in your area. Our contractors have extensive experience in attic insulation and work with certified by reputable organizations. Reading our customer reviews and testimonials can give you insights into our reliability and customer satisfaction. Get a free quote and compare our pricing and services. You’ll immediately understand and see our fair pricing.

Do I need an attic inspection in Guelph before installing insulation?

Before having insulation installed in Guelph or anywhere else, it is advised that an attic examination be performed. A thorough evaluation of the attic can reveal any preexisting conditions or future concerns that could compromise the success of the insulation installation. Your attic’s condition, air leaks, ventilation, and the need for repairs or upgrades can all be determined with the help of a professional inspector. Increase the efficiency and lifespan of your insulation by performing an inspection to ensure your attic is in good shape and ready for insulation installation.

Is mold removal in Hamilton common?

Due to the city’s distinctive climate and the age of its housing stock, mold remediation is a concern for many Hamilton, Ontario, residents. The weather in Hamilton is a significant factor in mold growth, and older residences are especially susceptible. Fortunately, professional mold removal services such as ours are readily available to assist homeowners in effectively addressing this common problem.

The climate of Hamilton is characterized by high humidity levels, particularly during the summer months. Due to its proximity to Lake Ontario, the city has milder winters and more precipitation than other regions in Canada. While this climate has several positive attributes, it also fosters mildew growth.

Mold particles are naturally present in the air and require only water and organic matter to thrive. Hamilton’s humid climate provides the optimal conditions for mold to develop on various surfaces within homes. Mold is commonly found in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and attics, where moisture levels are frequently elevated due to leaks, inadequate ventilation, and high humidity.

Many of Hamilton’s residents’ advanced age also contributed to the prevalence of mold in that city. A substantial portion of the city’s housing stock dates back several decades, contributing to the city’s diverse history. Frequently, older homes have structural issues, obsolete construction materials, and inadequate insulation. These factors can increase the likelihood of moisture intrusion and insufficient ventilation, thereby increasing the possibility of mold growth.

Furthermore, older homes may have undergone renovations or additions over the years, which can contribute to hidden moisture problems behind walls or ceilings. Unbeknownst to residents, mold can take root in these concealed areas, posing health risks.

Due to the prevalence of mold problems in Hamilton, homeowners must seek professional mold removal services such as ourselves to address the issue effectively and safely. As disturbing mold can release spores into the air, attempting to remove mold on your own can frequently exacerbate the situation or pose health risks.

Contact us now to learn how our mold remediation services in Hamilton are designed to provide homeowners with a comprehensive solution to their mold issues.

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